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Een computerprogramma om antennes te berekenen. Misschien kent iedereen dit programma al, maar ik trof het juist aan, maar heb nog geen tijd gehad het te vertalen:

MMANA is an antenna-analyzing tool based on the moment method, which was introduced in MININEC version 3. The BASIC source code of the computation engine is published as a PDS in MININEC.
 MMANA has the following functions:
 Table-based editor for the antenna design and definition.
 Graphical antenna viewer (it shows the segmentation and current
 distribution, too).
 Viewer for the horizontal and vertical beam pattern.
 Comparator for two or more computation results.
 Antenna element editor.
 Antenna wire editor.
 Tools for defining the combination of pipes with different
 Automatic antenna optimizer with respect to jX, SWR, Gain, F/B,
 Elevation, and Current (user customizable). Sheet browser of optimized results, manual tuning capability.
 Frequency characteristics chart maker.
 Data file generator. MMANA uses the following files:
 Antenna definition file (text format).
 Computation result file (binary format).
 Optimization sheet (binary format).
 Current flow file (CSV text format).
 Near field data file (CSV text format).
 Far field data file (CSV text format).
 Frequency characteristics file (CSV text format). MMANA has the limitations in the parameters as follows:
 Maximum number of pulses	       8192 (default is 1280)
 Maximum number of wires			512
 Maximum number of sources	         64
 Maximum number of loads			100 Please bear in mind that this document explains the usage of
 MMANA.  It is not a textbook of antenna modeling/analysis. Throughout this document, lambda means the wavelength.
(MM Hamsoft)
Pieter J. T. Bruinsma, PA0PHB

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